Ben 10: Ultimate Harley

Ben has knack when it comes to driving two wheeled vehicles. He like the cool breeze passing his face as he rides his motorbike on the road. Of all the motorbike he as, nothing can beat the Harley since it is the biggest and has the most powerful engine. Riding it on the mountain won't be a problem for Ben as long as he is using the Harley. Whenever he is riding it, it feels like that all his problem is nothing and that he can relax for eternity. That is how; he feels when riding his bike. Anyway, he takes riding seriously and he rides his bike to become better eventually. It is only rare that he has the time to enjoy his bike, so when there are no threats, he makes sure that is bike is ready to go.

Ride your bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try not to crash while riding your bike. Grab those Omnitrix symbols for some points. The game is not easy since the road ahead is full of mountains. There are times that you need the momentum just to pass a mountain. Your bike has the ability to jump, so use it to grab the Omnitrix symbols way up in the air.

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