Ben 10: Super Pilot

Ben is learning some new skills as he knows that he would be needing them soon. He knows that he can't always depend on the Omnitrix all of his life and he need some skills to survive. That way, he can assure himself that he can handle any situation that comes upon him. This time, he needs to learn how to control the jet pack for obvious reasons. Anyway, he don't need to fear since some of the Plumber's guys are there to save him should an accident occur. Besides, he is wearing the Omnitrix and he can just transform into a flying alien should there be trouble.

The idea of the game is to jump from one platform into another. However, jumping form one platform into another requires accurate calculations because you would fall down. Anyway, you can use the air brake or booster to save yourself from falling. You can get more of those if you can catch it from right out of the sky. Grab those Omnitrix symbols for added points. For more points, perform some stunts while on air. Not all platforms are safe for Ben since others will drain his life. Take as much time as you need to make the jump.

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