Ben 10: Kart

Racing is the best sports for those, who want to experience an adrenaline rush since the body feels that it is in danger. It releases adrenaline, so that we can easily save ourselves. We become stronger and faster once we feel the adrenaline rush. Ben and his friends are the type of people that want to experience it since that will keep their skills honed in time for a real battle with some experience. Usually, they get this excited whenever they are fighting some evil aliens, but that doesn't come often, so they need something that will keep their adrenaline rush high.

Ben and his friends agreed to have a race among themselves for this purpose. The idea is to get to the finish line first. They can use their power, but that their power should be less than they were using it against their enemies. Perhaps, just enough to knock out each other.

Choose which hero you would like to be and make sure that you will win the race. There are items that you can use in the race. To activate it, you need to press "Enter". Press "Space Bar", to blast your opponents. The game will be harder as you make some progress.

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