Ben 10: Space Battles

Ben has been fighting evil aliens all over the galaxy. During those fights, he discovers some new planet. Most of the said planets got some friendly residents, but there are those that are hostile and would attack if they see you. Ben isn't doing anything wrong and he knows that he needed to defend himself from these attackers. Ben would never attack if his life is not in danger and this is one of the rare times that he needed to attack. The aliens got this boss to which they obey. Ben needed to get rid of the boss, so things would be calm around the newly found planet.

The game is an all out space war. Try to blast the spaceship before they can even attack as there would be lots of them if you are not going to something about it. Some of the ships holds some glowing orbs and when you touch them, your fire power will be stronger than before. However, the firepower won't last long if you won't avoid the enemy coming your way. Your strength will depend on how much orb you got. The game will be harder as you move on from one level to another.

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