Ben 10: Ninja

You might think that Ben is nothing without his Omnitrix, but that is where you are wrong. Ben knows ninjutsu and he isn't afraid to use it against his opponents. While on a mission, he was transported to the middle age Japan and things seems to be out of hand because of the aliens causing some confusion during that time. In that era, the aliens were the ninja and Ben needs to set things right before he goes home. He can't use the Omnitrix because that might cause further panic among the residents of old Japan. He learns from the master himself - Geguro Musashi. With the help of Musashi, Ben learns the art of Ninjutsu and is now ready to defeat the aliens there.

Don't worry as you won't be overwhelmed in this game. Each enemy will only appear after you defeated an enemy. Well, actually, you need to move after your defeated an enemy for you to face the next opponent. Each alien ninja is a master of a ninjutsu, so you need to do your best to defeat the enemy. The game gets harder as the opponents becomes better as you move further in the game.

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