Ben 10 Vs Bakugan - Arrow Match

Ben Tennyson and Dan Bakugan are two of the best of what they do. And because of that, the two are often compared thus, they become the best rivals. Ben was a on a mission to hunt aliens, Dan saw him and followed him. When Ben was transported back in time, a time where knights and kings still exist, Dan was also there. However, they were transported on opposing sides. The two become enemies and each one of them want to end their rival. Each one of them was promised with treasures and land if they defeat the other. For the rulers of the land, such thing is just a mere form of recreation.

The game is played via mouse and idea here is to shoot down the opponent. You can be either Ben or Dan in this game. Both has the same strength and weaknesses and choosing one will just go down to your liking between the two. You would notice that the distance between you two are getting farther and farther as you move from one level to another. Of course, you do understand that you need to win each level to advance to the next level.

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