Ben10 Shootout

A coalition of super aliens have been plotting something against Ben. All of them are Ben's past enemies, who he have been defeated before. They had joined forces to make sure that they will triumph this time. They even kidnapped Gwen in order for Ben to follow their rules. The rule was not to use the Omnitrix or Gwen will surely die. Ben has no choice, but to obey the rule or he knows that he will lose his cousin. Grandpa Max give him a blaster to defend himself with. With the blaster at hand, Ben slipped in to the mother ship to blast his way to Gwen. However, the aliens were waiting for him and is ready for a shootout.

The idea here is to defeat all the aliens by shooting at them before they can even react. However, that won't be easy since these aliens are tough and you would need to shoot them repeatedly before you can even take one down. your only chance is to transform into an alien - Waybig, Diamond Head or Heatblast to defeat them in one single shot. You can't just transform as you would need to find the device that can help you transform into that.

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