Ben 10 Omniverse Fight Evil

They say evil lurks in every corner and it is just hiding. Even if you didn't see it, that doesn't meant that there are no evil around. In fact, evil is within us and there is always a battle going on between the good and the evil. Sometimes, we do bad things and oftentimes we do some good things. It is just a matter of what do you feed the most.

Some of Ben's dangerous enemies have bonded together to seize the city and now, Ben must fight them to get back the city to where it was before. Ben transformed into Shockquash to stop the evil brotherhood from ruling the city.

In this game, you are Shocksquash and you need to beat the hell out of the evil brotherhoods that seize the city. You will need to go from building to building and beat the hell out of the aliens that tries to beat you. You need to show them what is real muscle and beat the hell out of them. Use your grappling hook to get on top of buildings. The game gets harder as you move further. Your friends are waitign for you to save them at the end of the game.

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