Ben 10 Tank Battle

The Forever Knight has controlled the army and is now using it to control the city. They are just starting with the city, but pretty soon it would be the country then the world. As if they would stop just there as they have plans to launch an all out attack against the aliens. When that happens then there would be an inter-galactic war. This is a war, where we won't live to tell our grandchildren. The alien's technology are far better than us. Ben must put a stop to the dreams of the Forever Knight or the history of mankind might end in this lifetime.

Ben got himself a tank and is now ready to face the enemy. You need to destroy the military's tanks to proceed to the next level. This won't be easy, so there is a reinforcement ready for you to call. Who else would Ben call, but his favorite cousin, Gwen who also drives a nasty looking tank. Together, you must destroy the other tank and move further to get close to the Forever Knight. There are no time limit in this game, so take the time to plan ahead. if you can beat the enemy without getting close then much better.

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