Ben 10 Robot Army

Ben is one of the strongest heroes we got because of his alien transformation, but what if you take out the alien transformation out of him. Do you think that he can handle the pressure?

That is what the aliens found out as Ben's power was obsolete in the time of the Wild Wild West. At the start, Ben thought that it was just another mission for him, where he would rely on his Omnitrix, but he eventually found out that he got transported to the Wild West. Unfortunately, his alien device don't work there. He have no choice, but to get a gun to defend himself with. Sure enough, soon he had proven that he have the skills to compete with those cowboys. Fortunately, he doesn't have to deal with the cowboys as they are all very nice to him. But the robots that followed him in that time are ruthless and can't be reasoned with.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to take down the enemy before they can even shoot you. You don't have the luxury of avoiding them, so you need to take them down first. Your ammo is limited, so try to make them count. Once you are out of bullets, you will see the bullets on the screen and you need to pick it up. Put in your gun and start shooting.

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