Ben 10 War at Amazon River

The Amazon river is a vast source of resources and it is also the home for most plants and animals. Scientists says that there are areas there that are left unexplored and might hold some dark secret. No one knew what lies beneath it as no one even dare to explore it. Ben is the type of guy that always explores his surroundings, so when he got to the Amazon, the first thing that he did was to explore. And like the scientists says, there are some hidden secrets there that should be best left alone. Some areas are a hideout for some aliens and this would be dangerous for some, but not Ben since he got the powerful Omnitrix to back him out whenever he is in trouble.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot down the enemies before they can even hurt you. There are no friendly aliens here, so shoot down the first alien that you see. Watch out for those barrels as it wild damage your boat if you come in contact with it. Try to avoid the projectiles and melee weapon of your enemies. Anyway, there are power-ups that can help you beat those aliens for good.

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