Ben 10 Alien Force Super Giant Strength Humungousaur

The aliens are attacking and they are here together with a a fleet of spaceships. Among Ben's alien transformation, there are only a handful of aliens that can match the firepower of the alien spaceships. One of them is the powerful Humungousaur. With his size and strength, he can surely defend the planet against this massive force of alien spaceships. The battle won't be won easily, but there is a fighting chance that it can be won using the power of Humungousaur. Ben transform into the massive alien and had grown into the biggest Humungousaur ever. Ben is now ready to take on the massive fleet of the alien toads.

Ben moves by its own and you just need to defend yourself from the attacking aliens. You can do that either defensive or offensive, but it would be better if you are on the offense. Destroy the alien ships that are coming your way. Don't try to hold back as you would surely be beaten if you do that. The game is played via keyboard. There is a super attack that you can use for the biggest space ship that you can see. Hit them with all you got.

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