Ben 10 Super Run

Ben is always on the go and this is the reason why he can't stay in one place. He likes adventure and adventure can't be found in one place. To find adventure, you need lots of connection and the secret organization known as Plumbers is there to provide the information to Ben. His Grandpa Max is one of the founders and now, Ben is included in the group. When trouble is around, its hero time for Ben. This is a regular scenario for Ben and the Plumbers.

In one instance, Ben was called in to participate in a deadly fun run. it is deadly since you can die in such fun run. The Plumbers can't stop it since there are powerful beings that are sponsoring he fun run. To stop it means that Ben need to win it. That is only the condition that these powerful being has. Being the brave and adventurist, Ben can't say not ot such adventure and has participated in the fun run.

The idea here is to get as far as you can get in the game. You can block the projectiles, punch some aliens, slide to avoid something from above and jump to avoid something from below. The longer you run, means more points for you.

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