Ultimate Alien Hero Hoops

Ben has proven time and time again that he can be the hero that everyone wants to be, but his grandpa is worried that he might get tired because of too much exposure to alien fights. The stress might get into him one day. He told Ben to have some break and get out to have fun. He knows that Ben is still young and is full of energy and he would need some sport to get those energy out of him. Ben can get his energy out fighting some evil aliens, but sports is something that lets you have fun while being serious. Ben likes to watch the NBA and has dream of becoming a basketball player one day. Grandpa Max told him that he should practice his shooting skills to be able to join the NBA one day.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to keep shooting the ball into the ring till there is time left. There are many floating hoops in the air and each one of them has different points equivalent. Some are power ups that can help you to score more in the game. The game is continuous and doesn't have a level. You need to keep on shooting in this game as the only objective here is to score more.

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