Ben 10: Gold Miner

Ben Tennyson has been a hero for several years now, but that doesn't make him richer. They say that being a hero is not about something that you could receive, but rather what you can do for others. Seeing other people safe is the reward itself for being a hero. However, like any people, we need to eat and we need money to buy the things that make us happy. Ben is thinking about this for several years and now he is ready to make money. He doesn't have a regular job right now since he is still a kid, so when he find out about the lost mining cave, he quickly goes there to get some gold and other valuable stones in the area.

The idea here is to reach the target amount of money that is indicated at the upper right portion of the screen. Each stone has different values and gold is the most valuable of them all. The larger the stone means that it will be worth more. However, larger stones takes a huge amount of time to pull. There are power-up in the game that can help your mining activity. Some pouch are power ups, but other holds some amount of money.

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