Ben 10 Apache Overkill

We have seen Ben do a number of things. Yeah, Ben is jack of all trades, but we know that one thing about him, he is the master of the Omnitrix. Ben is always doing anything for the good of others. He seldom have time for himself. Yet, he is able to slip in some of his favorite past time when he needed it.

Perhaps, you aren't aware about the time that he went on the gulf area, wherein he needed to pilot an Apache. That was surely a heart pounding event as he don't know if he could live to tell the tale, but guess that his life is always in trouble because of his Omnitrix.

In this game, you control an Apache and you need to destroy everything in your sight. There are several power ups that are awaiting for you. These power up ups are dropped from the sky. Some are just ammo, but there are several weapons that will boost your firepower. Of course, you need to remember that these weapons are limited and you need to conserve them, but hey, there are a lot of power ups in this game. The game is continuous as there are no levels in the game.

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