Ben 10 Omniverse Desert Racing

Ben is fond about racing and his bike. That is why; whenever he has some free time, he takes his bike and ride till the sunset. of course, that would be a rare case since he is always busy fighting some evil aliens. Those aliens always give him a hard time. At the end of every adventure, his body would be aching and he would need to rest for a few days before he can do something. That is how hectic his schedule is and he would surely be glad if he would be given some time for himself. When he was in the desert, together with the help of the Plumbers, they defeated the evil aliens there, which gives Ben more time to play. Fortunately, he brought his bike this time.

Ride your bike and do some stunts for some added points. The road to the finish line is long and it would take some time before you can reach it, so have fun and enjoy the ride. The hills are stiff and it would help if you would have some momentum. If you are way up in the air, try to do some stunts for more points. There are no timer in this game, but getting to the finish line early will help with your score as the bonus points dwindle each passing second.

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