Ben 10: Blockade Blitz

Vilgax is always on Ben's trail. He sends his robots to capture Ben, but they are always defeated by Ben. However, it seems that Ben's luck is over as he has been captured by one of Vilgax's robots. When he come face to face with Ben, Vilgax stripped the Omnitrix right off Ben's arm. But, Vilgax greatest mistake is that he left Ben unattended as the latter escape and is now seeking to obtain the Omnitrix. Ben knew that this would be a long fight for him.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to bounce the ball into the blocks to destroy it. There are some enemies that Ben would like to avoid and the only way that he can defeat them is by bouncing the ball into them. Of course, he could only use his alien powers if he manages to catch one of them. Each alien got his powers and you can use that power by pressing the "Space Bar". Some blocks holds such power that can release your alien transformation powers and there are others that serves different functions. Perhaps, one of the best aliens in this game is Cannonbolt as the balls that you are using becomes stronger and can break all the blocks that is in its way.

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