Ben10 Mass Attack

Earth is being invaded by aliens and it looks like that they are going to win without any resistance since their weapons are far high-tech than ours. Fortunately, Ben Tennyson is here and he isn't going to give up on us. Though, he can't use the Omnitrix for now, he can surely hold a blaster and use it against the invading aliens. He is hoping that this would encourage humans to stand up for themselves and drove off the invading aliens.

The game is played via mouse and keyboard. You start off with a single weapon and you can buy more as you kill more aliens. Each kill will earn you money and the more kill lets you buy powerful weapons. You can inter switch between weapons in the battle. Expect no less than more powerful aliens marching your way as you unlock more levels. You can only proceed to the next level once you eliminated all the aliens in a particular level. There won't be any power ups in this game that will help you eliminate the aliens. You need to depend upon your shooting skills to be able to make it to the next level. There are no timer in this game.

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