Ben10 Delivery

Summer is here and like most teens, Ben want to have a summer job, so he can earn money while the rest of his classmates is on vacation. Besides, the Plumbers are always there to make sure that nothing bad happens. This organization is made out of intergalactic coalition, Ben knew that they can handle any trouble that comes up their way. Besides, Asmutts two sidekicks are there to help the Plumbers. There shouldn't be any trouble and Ben really needed the money. Ben needs the money because he wanted to be independent and stand up on his own.

Wait for the items to be loaded at the back of the truck before driving it as fast as you can. Any game won't be exciting without obstacles and in this game, the obstacles come in the form of the road. For sure, it would be a bumpy ride for you as you drive the truck through the roughest road that you could possibly see. It is not impossible to get an accident with this kind of road, but accidents can be prevented if you are observing some safety precautions. The game has time limit. You can't proceed to the next level if you can't deliver the required number of cargoes for each level.

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