Ben 10 Stinkfly Battle

Earth is danger from an alien invasion and this aliens are vulgar in their invasion. They aren't disguising themselves as they have launched a massive attack against the planet. Once again, Ben is need and this battle would be done way up in the air. One of Ben's alien transformations that can do an air battle is Stinkfly. Stinkfly has the speed and can easily move in the sky to do a air combat. Ben transform into Stinkfly and is now ready to engage the alien in all out air battle.

The game can either be controlled via mouse or keyboard. You choose, where do you think you are comfortable with. At the start of the game, you are in the ground and will try to take off. You will be needing lots of stamina, so start clicking the mouse button or the "space bar" to lift off. Once you are air borne, you can do battle with the aliens and collect orbs for additional money. Shoot those alien down for more money. You earn money based on the distance you traveled. You can use the money to buy some upgrade for your character. The idea here is to reach the finish line, where you would have a massive boss battle.

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