The Return of Psyphon

Psyphon was Vilgax adviser. Though he wasn't fighting at that time, he is one of the strongest aliens in the world. When Vilgax was gone, that was the time that Psyphon became a major villain as he seeks revenge against Ben. Psyphon was defeated by Rook and Ben. They never heard of him till now as he causes some trouble for the under town (place for aliens living on Earth). Psyphon has some bomb and he has his henchmen to guard it. Rook and Ben went there to stop the bomb form exploding.

This game doesn't tie you with Ben since you can be Rook if you chooses to. The game can be played with a friend of yours or just by yourself. Either way, you won't be alone fighting since the other guy could be an AI if you choose to play alone. The idea here is to destroy the bomb as fast as possible because there won't be any time left once it explodes. As you beat down the aliens, your fighting bar gets filled Once it is all filled up then you can use the super power. There are power ups available for you and they can be found by destroying certian objects in the game.

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