Ben 10: Armoured Attack 2

Earth is in danger once more, but Ben is here to take care of those nasty aliens. However, this time, he can't use the Omnitrix as it was broken during the last time that he had a fight with Vilgax. It needs to be repaired and it would take some time before it can be use again. Fortunately, Grandpa Max gave him something that he could use against the aliens. It was a fully equip jeeps, which can rival that of the aliens' firepower. The aliens are here and they are not here for some sightseeing fun.

Drive the jeep and make sure that it won't fall-off the cliff. Should that happen then the game is over. Try to shoot down the aliens as they are going to shoot you too. If your life bar goes down to zero then the game is over. Time is not important here to get to the next level. It is just there for some added points. Grab as many coins that you can get for some added points. There are eight levels in the game that you can enjoy.

Are you ready for some action filled driving game?

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