Upgrade Vs Aliens

Ben 10 got so many alien transformations, but the only alien that can manipulate technology and upgrade it is Upgrade, hence, that is why; it is called such. When the alien-toads attack, Ben has only one choice and that is to use the most advance alien of them all- Upgrade. He knew that the alien have the power to pilot one ship after another. Besides, it can control any technology that it has come in contact with and add a few more stuff into that technology. That is where, the alien transformation is good at and it can certainly be useful against an armada of alien spaceship.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot down those incoming alien ships. Try to avoid the projectiles and the alien ships itself, so you won't take any damage. You will start with one class of ship and eventually, you will be unlocking more ships as you make some progress. With each ships that you destroyed, there will be equivalent points. I is true that you can control other ships with the power of Upgrade, but somehow, you can't use that power in this game. The game gets harder and harder as you move from one level to another.

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