Humungous Run

When it comes to running, nothing can beat XLR8 and this is Ben's best bet since it can outrun almost anything on land. When it comes to brawn, there are lots of options and each one of the aliens aren't that especial since they only depend on their strength. As such, Humongous is one of the brawn-type aliens and is only good for beating up the opponent. However, Ben can't quickly transform into another alien once he had transform into an alien. The Omnitrix has its cool down and it need a few minutes before it can be use against. When this happen, Ben has no choice, but to use the alien as it is.

This happened once as Ben was fighting lots of aliens and the Omnitrix gives him Humungousaur. Ben knew that this is not the best alien for the job, but he would need a few more minute before he can transform into another alien. For now, he needed to run and he knew that this won't be the best option for the big guy.

The idea of the game is to ensure Ben's safety as he run. the character moves on its own and it is up to you to make sure that he won't fall-off the cliff.

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