Spidermonkey Jump

The world is in trouble once against as Khyber learns something sinister. One that he would not hesitate to use against the galaxy that he hated so much. When Ben found out, Khyber was already climbing the tallest structure in the galaxy. Ben would turn into a flying alien-type given that there are air in the surrounding, but that won't be possible since the environment doesn't have air. Any flying type-alien can't live in such environment so Ben transformed into Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey can climb on walls like a spider and has the ability of a monkey. This makes the alien fit for the job as Ben needed those two type of abilities in this job.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to click on the right mouse button whenever there is an obstacle or an enemy going your way. The flying-type alien can be killed with just the monkey's tail. As you killed three flying type aliens then you can unlock a special power which will help you climb further in the game. Make sure that you can't be reach by the climbing-type alien since that will end the game. Khyber is the big boss of this game.

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