Ben 10: Kraken Attack

There is an old legend about a monster in the lake. Ben 10 and some people soon found out that the old legend is not a legend at all as it is true. People have been throwing all sorts of toxic in the water that the Kraken decided to come out and let people know that he is angry. Ben knows that the city would be in danger if he won't do anything about it. The Kraken can't be reason with, so Ben needs to take hostile actions. He need to transform into an alien to do battle with the legendary monster.

The idea here is to take down the monster as fast as you can. You need to hit him with everything you got. The kraken can also shoot, so you need to avoid those projectiles, especially the special attack. Shoot it before it landed on land because it will cause bigger damage than any projectiles thrown at you. As you progress in the game, the kraken will become stronger and so you need to be faster and make sure that the projectiles won't hit you at all. Shoot the kraken by pressing the "Space Bar" and "up arrow keys" to change direction.

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