Ben10 Train Champ

Some evil aliens are using a train as their hideout. There , they create some evil plans against the world and the Plumbers are powerless against them since the latter can't locate the aliens. Ben was in a vacation with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen when he discovered that there are some aliens in the train. Immediately, he transformed into an alien and fought one of them. Ben triumph that time, but he knows that the war is far from over since there are more aliens in the train. Ben started investigating and soon found himself surrounded with aliens. He must escape or he might be able to fight anymore. He can't use his Omnitrix till it fully charge.

Your character will run on its own, so don't bother about it. Just make sure that you are able to jump whenever there would be something blocking your way. If you can't do that then the game ends. There is no timer in the game. The idea here is to make sure that Ben won't be left out by the screen. Grab some Omnitrix symbols as you make your way. There are no levels in this game since the whole idea is to get as far as you can.

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