Ben 10: Jungle Adventure

The jungle is one of the roughest place that you can be in this world since you would need to hunt for food. There are no comfort rooms and other things that you normally see in your house. Aside from that, there is always the danger as some animals might eat you. There are also cannibals that will cook and eat you. Ben was not lucky as he fell from his ship and landed in the jungle. He would transform into an alien, but the Omnitrix got damage in the crash. The cannibals are chasing him. Ben manage to get one of the machete that the locals are using and use it against them.

The idea here is slash your enemy quickly. You need to be quick since they will slash you too. Those cannibal won't hesitate to kill you for food, so you need to act accordingly. Make sure that they can't get you or you will end up in their belly. Climb some pedestal to reach the cannibals an d quickly kill them. As you move further in the game, you shall notice that there will be more enemies. Aside from that, there weapons become diverse, which makes it even more harder than before.

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