Ben10 Top Gun

Vilgax and Ben Tennyson hates each other guts. Ben manages to defeat Vilgax for a lot of time and has even vanished the latter to the Null space. However, Vilgax has proven that even the Nullvoid can't hold him. He is able to escape and this time, he brought an army of aliens from the Nullvoid with him. Vilgax captured Grandpa Max and is now demanding that Ben would surrender the Omnitrix to him in exchange of his beloved grandpa. Ben knows that Vilgax won't let his grandpa go since the latter has a bad history with Vilgax. Together with his cousin, Gwen, the two decided to take down Vilgax and his minions.

The game is played via mouse. You can either choose to be Ben or Gwen in this game. Whichever you choose, you would need to defeat Vilgax to save Grandpa Max. There are lots of power-ups in this game waiting for you use. However, these powers won't last long, so you need to keep on collecting the power-ups. Stay away from cloud-producing thunder. Try to avoid the projectiles as much as possible. The game will be harder as you make some progress.

Are you ready to save Grandpa Max?

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