Ben10 in Mario World

There are mysteries that cannot be explained in this world and that is what Ben find out as he was trap in Mario's World. There, he is force to leave like Mario back when King Kuppa still rule the kingdom. Ben is clueless as he face the dangers. Fortunately, he can use Heatblast whenever he gets a magic flower. This helps him fight the aliens that acts like Kuppa's minions. Ben explores the kingdom as he is trying to learn how he can get back to the real world and stop the aliens from invading the world.

The game is played like in Super Mario. The idea here is to reach the flag before your time expired. If you can't then you lose one of your life. If you run out of lives then the game ends. Gather as much coins as you can as that will help you to get more points. It will also give you another life once you gathered 100 coins. Look for the magic lower that can turn you to Heatblast, so you can fight the alien with ease. Run as fast as you can since this game has time restriction. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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