Ben10 Upgrade Space Battle

Ben and Vilgax have been arch enemies since since Ben first came in possession of the Omnitrix. Vilgax tried to obtain the OMnitrix from Ben, but failed many times. As time flew by, Vilgax hated an hated Ben even more. Now, Vilgax is determined to kill Ben and he knows that the only one that could help him is the creator of the Omnitrix himself. With the help of the creator, he could have another Omnitrix, or exploit the weakness of the alien watch. Tetrax found out about Vilgax's plan and immediately went to Earth to tell Ben about it. Ben wasted no time and headed to space to stop Vilgax. Using Upgrade's power, he is able to posses one ship to another.

The idea of the game is to destroy other ships. To do this, you need to possess a ship and use its power against the other ships. Each ship has its own power that you can exploit to your advantage. Use the power wisely and you will be able to defeat the game. Each ship has its life points, so make sure to posses another ship when you notice that your ship's life is getting depleted.

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