Ben 10 Alien Force: Runner of the Universe

Once again, Ben has save the galaxy, but this time, the whole area is collapsing since the aliens push the destruction button. Ben knows that if he can't get out then he would go out with the ship. He needs to run fast, but he also need the durability as there are lots of falling debris. Should he change to XLR8 and got hit by the falling debris then that will be his end. He combined XLR8 with DiamondHead to be able to get out of the ship alive. He knows that time is at the essence here and those two aliens are the only one that can help him get out of the ship.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to make sure that Ben is safe. You need to click the mouse button to let Ben jump. Try not to move the mouse around since it control the movement of your character. Grab as many coins as you can since it is equivalent one life when you have collected enough. Try not to fall down the cliffs. Take note of the high jump symbol as that could either help or kill you, depending on how you use it.

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