Ben 10: Omniverse Shooting

Ben was on a quest to stop an alien plot that would experiment on humans. While investigating, he learned that there is a treasure there. Though, he is not in need of the treasure, he knows that this could change his life. At least, he can enjoy his life even if he isn't working. Nevertheless, he knows that fighting aliens would forever be part of his life. He can't go away from the treasure, but soon some of the guards in the cavern found him and alerted the other aliens there. Ben knew that he is a big fight and he won't stand down from a fight. He quickly transform into Swampfire and prepare to do battle with the aliens in the cavern.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to not let the aliens get near you. You need to shoot them as soon as you see them or they will come and get you. You don't have that many lives, so try to shoot them down as fast as possible. You won't be able to move in this game, which mean that you can't dodge the incoming aliens. There will be more and more aliens as you make some progress in the game.

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