Ben10: Sumo Slammer Samurai

It was a dark and rainy night, but Ben don't want to sleep as he is busy playing his favorite video game, Sumo Slammer Samurai. Suddenly, he heard a thunder roaring next to the van. Next thing, he knew was he part of the game. He don't have a clue on how this happened. He was quickly attack by the robots in the game. Fortunately, he was able to find a samurai sword and some ninja stars. His clothes have change as he is now part of the game. A sentenced was formed on the sky and when he read it, he found out that it is some kind of instructions. The instruction tells him that he needs to collect some icon to be able to get out of the game.

This a hack and slash type of game. Run as fast as you can till you get to the finish line, but that won't be easy as you need to fight the robots that are out to get you. Grab as much icons as you can as you would need it to gain more points. The game will be harder as you make some progress.

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