Ben10 Dead Marshes

No one knew what happened, but the disease suddenly appeared and started killing half of the population. After the epidemic, there were reports that the dead are starting to walk. However, it seems that they can't identify their family and friends now. Even worse, they start feeding on human flesh. Eventually, the people that they kill also gets resurrected and become cannibals. Soon, the whole world was in panic as they fear for their life. Ben and his friends came and began killing the zombies, they hope that none of them gets bitten.

Ben is the hero here and you might be expecting some alien mimicking powers here, but sadly, you can't turn into an alien in this game. You just need to depend on your gun and make sure that the zombies are taken out before they can even get close to you. Always make sure that you reload the gun. Each kill would earn you money and you can use it to buy some new and better gun. You can buy a gun in the middle of the battle. Remember that you need to take them out as soon as you see them as there will be more and you will get overwhelmed by the undead.

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