Ben10 Ghost Town

There was a terrible sound that nigh and everybody heard it. As if the sound came from underneath. No one has a clue on what it is, but one thing is certain, no one has the guts to look for it. All of them are scared. In fact, Even Ben Tennyson is scared of the sound that he didn't tried to investigate. Soon after, strange things began appearing like walking skeletons and possessed pumpkins. Ben knew that he needs to do something to get rid of the ghost. He need to gather all of his strength and get rid of the ghost.

The idea of the game is to get rid of all the ghost. You can't advance if you can't get rid of the ghost in an area. Kick or punch it till it is no more. Sure, that won't be easy, but you got to do it to be able to move forward. Try not to get hit as you will eventually die as your life dwindle down. There are no power-ups in this game as you just need to depend on yourself. Keep on moving forward and soon you can finish the game.

Are you ready to kick some ghost butts?

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