Ben 10: Omniverse Malware

Ben wants to play a game, but he got interrupted as Malware was already on his system. The latter greeted Ben and invite him to catch him. Ben was furious and decided to go after him. Ben knew that this won't be easy since Malware is one of the toughest villain he had fought before. Even if he got some new alien transformations, things won't be easy for him. Malware can duplicate himself several times by just hacking a system. Ben is in for a big fight as Malware awaits for him to arrive at his location.

This is a search and destroy type of game as you need to search for the real Malware in the ship. You would be seeing a lot of malware as you move forward, but they are just mostly duplicates. And they can't be compared to the real Malware in terms of ability since they can be easily get rid off. You got two transformation in this game, Shocksquatch and SpiderMonkey. Each one has its special ability that will be useful to you. You have a limited amount of transformation powers so try to conserve it, but you can refill it with the OMnitrix symbols.

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