Ben 10: Eye Doctor

Recently Ben is feeling something on his eyes. Grandpa Max said that it might be something serious, so he sent Ben to the eye doctor. Upon arrival the doctor did lots of tests on Ben's eyes. It seems that Ben was watching too many TV on close range that his eyes can't take any more of it. Ben needed an eyeglass and he needed it fast or he might not be 100% when the aliens came and went on a havoc. Those alien will surely win, if Ben can't see right because of his eye problem. He would need to have the eye doctor check-up his eye before he could buy an eyeglass.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. The idea of the game is to have Ben's eye be check by the eye doctor. The doctor will have Ben to identify some shapes and letters for the eye test. In time, he would need to measure, Ben's eye as he would need to know some information about our heroes eye before he can give him an eyeglass. The process is long, but this is to make sure that the eyeglass is what Ben needs.

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