Ben10 Car Chase

There are no alien activities for months and Ben has been relaxed. He have done lots of activities that will help him to overcome boredom, but it seems that nothing can match the excitement he feels whenever he is battling some alien threats. The government ask him to investigate some mob activity as the latter thinks that it has something to do with aliens. Everyone knows that Ben is the right guy for the job, when it comes to alien activities. Apparently, some aliens are dealing with the mob by supplying them some advance weaponry. Ben knew that he must put a stop to this activity.

The idea of the game is to catch the alien with your car. Of course, you do understand that the aliens will be using some vehicles too, so your goal is to drive your car as fast as you can till you catch the alien. You don't have some weapon and you certainly can't use the Omnitrix in this game. You just have to bump the target till it crashes. As you destroy one target, you can proceed and catch the other targets and repeat the process till there are no more threats.

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