Ben 10 Space Invaders

It looks like that Vilgax will not stop till he got the Omnitrix. He even attacks Ben's hometown - Belwood. He send a fleet of drones to retrieve the Omnitrix for him and he don't care how many he sends to be able to get the alien watch. He knows that it could spell the difference in his galaxy conquest. Ben knew that Vilgax will never use the Omnitrix to do good things and he isn't going to give it up. Ben transform into the powerful Upgrade to do battle with the drones. Upgrade is the one alien that can do battle with that many drones.

The game looks like a copy of the old Nintendo game Galaxian, which is one of the most popular games back in the 80's. It is probably the game that your parents used to play when they were kids. The idea of the game is to wipe out the drones that are out to destroy the city. You need to destroy every last bit of the drones for you to advance to the next level. You will have additional points if you manage to hit the mother ship that is passing. You can get more points if you hit it while it is about to leave the screen.

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