Ben 10 Save the Town

Ben's town is in danger as all sorts of monster and aliens are in it now. The people are so scared and they can't do anything about it. Ben's Omnitrix is damage is damage and Ben can't transform into an alien, but that is not an excuse for Ben. He would give his life for his town. The Plumbers gave him a blaster, but he needs to charge it before he blast some enemies. The blaster won't be a match with the Omnitrix's power, but this will help Ben for the meantime to get rid some of the monsters harassing his people.

The game is a shooting type of game. You need to charge the blaster before shooting it, or its power won't be enough to take out monsters in just one shot. Other than monsters, there are also some alien ships floating around and you need to aim high to be able to get those ships. Both monsters and ships require you to charge the blaster to take them out. As you move further in the game, you will find out that the enemies are also getting tougher than before. Make sure that you shoot the monster hard before they can even get close to you.

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