Ben10 Blood Days

The whole world has been taken over by zombies. Everywhere you go there are the undead and their number keeps on multiplying. The humans are scattered all over the world. They are afraid to go out because there are lots of zombies. When Ben Tennyson came back from a mission, he was surprised to know that the world is not like the world that he knows. Bad timing because his omnitrix is damage and he can't transform into an alien to fight the zombies. But, heroes will be heroes, no matter what the odds are. He got a gun and he isn't afraid to use it.

The game is based on the flash game "The Last Stand", wherein you barricaded yourself in a city. You need to defend yourself from incoming zombie attacks. Shoot every zombie that you see till there are no more. Repair the barricade in the morning; find some weapon and other survivors. As your number grew, your defense will also be stronger. There will be no money involve in this game, but you an find lots of weapon if you are willing to put more time into it. However, you need to be aware that you can lose some survivors while looking for guns and other survivors.

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