Ben10 Super Skate

Ben has been fighting alien most of his life and now that he is already a teenager, he has grown more even stronger, but we all know that we can't live a life wherein, all we does is one thing. We need diversion in life and that is how we can repeatedly do our daily task. Grandpa Max realizes this and now, he told Ben to take a break. At first, Ben was hesitant about it, but he was able to find something that would interest him. He got interested in skating as he saw some teenager doing it and it got him excited. The teenagers were nice enough to teach him the basics and soon, Ben bought his own skateboard to do some stunts.

The idea of the game is to get the highest score possible. You would need to rock your way to the highest possible jump that you can do. The secret is how you handle the skateboard and that will give you the momentum to jump even higher. The game has no levels as you jut need to get the three highest possible jump that you can achieve. It must have some count on how many times you are allowed to make an attempt in a single try.

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