Ben10 Robot Army

Ben Tennyson was trap in time when he was fighting an alien that can teleport back in time. Apparently, he grab the alien as it was about to transport back in time. He and the alien were teleported back when the Wild West was yet to be won. During those days, there were a lot of fights. Fight could easily broke out anytime as most of the people are holding their own gun. They don't need some permit to carry it since there are no such thing during that time. However, something is wrong with this time as there are already robots. These robots acted like they were bandits and the townsfolk are afraid of them since they are tougher than people. Somehow, all this traveling has change the history and now, he needs to get rid of the robots without his Omnitrix as it was damage while he was time traveling.

The game is played via mouse and idea here is to shoot the robots before they can even react, but there are some local folks in the area that you need to avoid shooting. There are also some target practice for you that you need to hit. Of course, there is also a boss fight as this guy is legendary when it comes to shooting.

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