Ben10 Road Rage

Ben has been busy fighting some aliens that he tend to forget about the good things in life. He thought that all to life is fighting some aliens, but Grandpa Max don't want him to be that way and told him to have some fun. Since Ben want thrill in his life, his grandpa suggested some extreme sports and out of all the extreme sports that Ben tried before, nothing compares to the satisfaction that he got when he is driving a vehicle on the road like crazy. He just make sure that there are no bystanders to where he does the driving to make sure that there won't be any accident. Even if he is a hero, the law would not forgive him for injuring or killing someone.

Like any driving game, the idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. However, that won't be easy since the course is not something that you would see in a normal race course. In fact, even those racers would shy away from a course like this since this is the most extreme course that they would see. Anyway, this is just a game and you don't have to compare it to the real life because you won't find it in the real world. Grab the purple orb as you can use that to unlock more vehicles. The yellow orbs allows you to use booster.

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