Ben10 Omniverse Rocket Attack

In a country, where the rulers are corrupt and unjust, you can expect that the people will revolt and will want the rulers to stand down from their position. Rebels began strengthen their numbers as people are irritated and they want to do something about it. This also happens in an alien planet and when Ben found out about it, he joined the resistance force as he want to free the aliens being held hostage by the unjust ruler. Not only Ben help the alien resistance, but he is also making money in the process. He deliver some supplies for the alien resistance. He deliver whatever they need. This time, the resistance wants rockets, but unfortunately, someone told the government about the shipment. Now, they have sent some robots to capture Ben along with the rockets. Ben has no choice, but to use the rockets to fight the robots.
The game only last for a short time and don't have any levels. The idea here is to use the rockets to destroy the robots attacking Ben. Once, a robot reach the truck then the whole mission is a failure. Each rocket will earn you money, so try to limit the use of the rockets as much as possible.

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