Ben10 Rush 3D

Ben likes to ride his bike and he would spent most of his time on his bike whenever he has a chance. As the saying goes, practice makes us better, so Ben is now good at riding his motorbike. Though, he can't ride it all the time, he manages to find some time for it when there are no alien or evil scientist threat. For him, it is just time management. By balancing his time for something that is important for him then he can fully enjoy his life. However, trouble always find him as some aliens infiltrated our world and is now using stolen vehicles to cause some trouble for us. Ben is now pursuing them, so they can't cause more damage.

In this game, you'll be riding a motorbike in a 3d environment. You would need to look for the target. Don't worry about not being able to find it since there is an arrow that will point on the target. You'll never go wrong with that. After finishing the target or targets, you need to get to the finish line before your time expires. However, things won't be that easy as there are other vehicles on the road that might slow you down.

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