Ben 10 Robot Jet War

They say that when it comes to war, you need to bring the big guns because you are fighting on a whole new level. When you are in a war, you need to understand that nothing here will be the same as ever as everywhere you will be like hell. And that is what happened to Earth when aliens invaded the Earth. However, aliens are not the only threat as there are also humanoid, crazy people, and even the Forever Knights brings in destruction to Earth. Ben knew that none of this alien transformations, can handle the problem. Fortunately, the Plumbers gave him a secret weapon, which he can use in this occasion. A robot jet suit, which he wore that has all the fire power he needed to end the war.

Control the robot and try to get everything that moves on the screen, but that won't be possible since there are so many, so your objective will be just to get to the finish line in one piece. Grab the power-ups that you can see floating on air because that will help you to fight every threat that you see. However, you will lose the special power whenever you got hit.

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