Ben10 Shooting

Ben has been after the same alien for months and now that he had catch up to them, he determine to eliminated them all. However, this would be tougher than ever since his Omnitrix is broken right now and all is left is a blaster, which he got from the headquarter. Ben knows that this won't be easy like his previous battles with the same group of aliens. This time, he is without his O1mnitrix, which means that he can't change into an alien. This time, Ben will have to depend upon his shooting skills.

The idea of the game is to shoot the enemy before he can even react. You also need to hide, so their projectiles won't hit you. Your ammo is limited, but don't worry about losing ammo since some aliens have ammo and you can only get those ammo once you killed the aliens. Don't try to exchange shoot with the aliens as that is a sure way to die in this game. Walk as you shoot, so you can't be hit by the projectiles. Reach the end and you are up to the next level. The game will become harder and harder as you make some progress.

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